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Army of Darkness

This one holds a special place in my heart. How could it not? It's a horror satire with a charismatic hero who doesn't take s**t from anyone. He gets dragged into the middle ages with a shotgun, a chainsaw hand, and an arsenal of one-liners like "Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun." With these weapons, he fights an evil dead army.

The first shot begins with a pair of horse hooves walking on sand. Rousing orchestral music plays. Trumpet fanfare. These are the Middle Ages.

Then, walking behind the horse, what do we see? Someone's feet in a pair of modern workboots. The incongruity strikes us immediately. There are chains on his legs. He walks unsteadily, being pulled along behind the horse.

Panning up, we see more. The man is dressed entirely in casual modern clothing. Behind him are men in archetypal Medeival garb that is at least authentic enough for use in the SCA. Again, the incongruity.

A bearded, long-haired face. In the background, a man in armor. Prisoners are being held in stocks. The modern man has a stub where a hand used to be. Why did they put a stump in a stock? Couldn't the stump simply slip out?

And now we see the face of the modern man. Our hero, Ash. A sincerely-delivered voiceover gives us our opening line: "My name is Ash, and I am a slave." I love it!

The sound of a whip cracking and a whince of pain.

The supernatural circumstances in which Ash finds himself don't impress him. They just piss him off.